Monash Journalism

Mojo is Monash University’s online news site edited and written by journalism students. Student stories published on this site have won a host of journalism awards over the past couple of years. The areas of TV and Audio are expanding rapidly with the opening last year of Monash's outstanding TV studios, recording studios and editing suites. 

 All work is supervised by experienced journalists on staff. 

Mojo’s stories have been published or picked up by numerous media including the Sunday Age, Crikey, New Matilda, and others.

The stories are commissioned and also emanate from student assignments, reflecting that Monash University's undergraduate and post-graduate journalism students do real journalism throughout their degree.

Mojo’s editorial staff

Editor: Christiane Barro
Editor (TV): Will Zwar
Editor (audio): Andrea Thiis-Evensen
Deputy Editor  (news): Elliana Saltalamacchia
Deputy Editor, (entertainment): 
Deputy Editor (TV): Johanna Meka
Environment Editor: Jackson Peck 
Politics Editor: Matilda Boseley
Culture Editor: Maria Dunne 
Sport: Matt Balmer
Sport (deputy):  Grace Kalac
Science Editor: David McAlpine
Entertainment Editor: David Manton
Education Editor: Hannah Hill
Social Media Editor: Kristen Lucas
Staff Editor: Corinna Hente
Executive Editor: Johan Lidberg