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Mojo is Monash University’s online news site edited and written by journalism students. Mojo replaced Spectrum as a digital publication of student work at the start of 2013. At the time, it was edited by professional journalists and staff members. A decision was made in 2014 to hand over the running of mojo to journalism students so that it better reflects a newsroom environment, providing students a sharper and more ‘real world’ learning experience. Find out more.

Mojo welcomes story suggestions and ideas from anyone. We are particularly interested in public interest stories and issues that receive no or passing coverage in other media. We are keen to pursue innovative and different approaches to journalism including the use of data and interactive graphics. We're also ready to collaborate with traditional media where possible. So, please contact us. Our key staff and their emails are listed below.

Editor: Luke Mortimer

Deputy Editor, (Politics, Environment, Health/ Science): Claire Martin

Deputy Editor, (Culture, Lifestyle, Social Media): Emily Baxter

News Editor:  Simon Galletta 

Staff Editor: Corinna Hente

Executive Editor: Bill Birnbauer

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