Animators: Behind the scenes on a kids’ show

The entertainment industry is full of talented people who work behind the scenes to make the things you watch and play, but who don’t get the attention they deserve. Join us on the Invisible Heads podcast, where we give a glimpse into some of these people and their stories. 

In this episode, we talk to animators Cristina Driver and Ben Mansur, who are involved in Network 10’s animated kids show Jar Dwellers

Presented by David Bonaddio & Callum Straford
Scripted and mixed by Adheesha De Silva
Edited by Adheesha De Silva, David Bonadido and Callum Straford



Jar Dwellers:
BumpBob Looly

Cartoon SFX:
Sound Laboratory

Happy Rock (Opening/closing theme music):

Pickle Rick:

Homer Simpson:

Oriel Charizard