How to beat the weather during Melbourne’s unpredictable autumn

 Long sleeves are starting to creep in alongside rainy days. Melbourne’s weather is notorious for dark grey skies blissfully reversing themselves to bright sunny days. When tackling your styling this can break the process of usual dressing.

This week’s Streetegists have chosen to replicate the weather in their chosen outfits. Whether it be blue rain or blue skies, Ariel, Calypso and Rachael have subconsciously matched the horizons. We are all hidden lovers of blue; even if you say your favourite colour is purple or green, guaranteed, if you look in your wardrobe you will see blue has seeped in. The main blue attire would be denim jeans, but the fun thing about denim is it can be used to craft other magnificent outfits. Like a denim jacket, skirt or denim halter dress like Calypso’s. The other good thing about denim is that it’s a fibre that holds warmth. There won’t be a shortage of denim jeans walking around campus in the coming months.

Another fun trick you can do with denim is make it printed! Amelia’s Elliott skirt is a leopard-print midi skirt. Who knew your favourite print could come wrapped up in a cute skirt? 

Midis will be your best friend over this transeasonal change. The length will drop to keep you warm and still looking chic. My grey knitted dress is the perfect length matched with a black cropped sweater. Long sleeves are captivating us all as our arms say goodbye to the sunshine. Rachael has used the cooler days to bring out our favourite textured leather jacket. Try mixing your textures; leather contrasted with denim is always a fun experiment to create a new outfit you may not usually try.

Whatever the weather, just know that it’s changing. You will see blue skies or grey skies but it’s always a day you can try and outdo your last outfit. Try and reach a new styling high and really know you rocked it in your denim jeans! 

Photography by HYUNJI PARK 

arielle 1arielle

 Arielle Richards, 20
: Sweater and cap (Ralph Lauren), black top (Vintage), huaraches (Nike)
INSPIRATION: Street style and Melbourne style




calypso 2

Calypso Valambert, 20
Denim dress (Thrift), black platform boots (Windsor Smith), Speedy 40 bag (Louis Vuitton)
INSPIRATION: Phoebe Lettice Thompson

rachael 1

rachael 2

Rachael Starr, 19
Black top and leggings, black leather jacket (Dangerfield), shoes (Nike), silver backpack (Asos)

ameliaamelia 2

Amelia Grimwade, 18
WEARING: Leopard pencil skirt (Current Elliott), white and brown slip on shoes (Seed), brown messenger bag (Saint Laurent)
INSPIRATION: Olivia Palermo


renee 1renee 2

Renee Arndt, 22
Gray midi dress and black crop top sweater (Sportsgirl), tartan top, rose gold and black NB shoes
INSPIRATION: Uni comfort style