Image-conscious men push rise in ‘Brotox’

Double chin removal treatment before-and-after. Photo: Cityskin Clinic


More and more men are undertaking cosmetic procedures to boost their confidence and empower themselves.

Dr Jonathan Brown is a cosmetic physician at CitySkin Clinics, and has undergone procedures himself. Photo: Cityskin Clinics

Dr Jonathan Brown, cosmetic physician at Cityskin Cosmetic Clinic, said the number of male patients at their clinics had increased by more than 50 per cent over the past five years.

Dr Brown said 17 per cent of Cityskin clients were male, up from 11 per cent last year.

“I find, talking to men coming in, that they’re more comfortable having a procedure that’s under the chin rather than on their face,” Dr Brown said.

Facial procedures, including double-chin removal, were among the most popular procedures for men.

He said a decrease in cosmetic procedures being perceived as feminine could also be having an impact. 

“Men don’t see [cosmetic procedures] as a beauty treatment. It’s more of a cosmetic procedure,” said Dr Brown. 

Hairdresser and make-up artist Brent Bennett, 35, has had several cosmetic procedures.

Above: Brent Bennett before (left) and after (right) undergoing multiple cosmetic procedures.  Picture supplied.

“I’ve had Botox for years now and over the past three years I’ve introduced dermal fillers to my cheekbones, jawline, chin, under my eyes and my lips,” Mr Bennett said.

“Outside of cosmetic injectables, I’ve had most other cosmetic beauty services done – from high frequency and microderm or peels to skin needling.”

Mr Bennett said the main reason for his procedures was vanity.

“It’s a superficial world we live in,” he said.

“People not only want to look and feel good about themselves, but they want others to compliment or admire [them].”

Mr Bennett said there was little stigma around male cosmetic procedures as they were  “profoundly discreet”.

Cityskin clinics conducted a survey in 2013 and 2017 on the secrecy of cosmetic treatment.

They found that in 2013 only 40 per cent of patients told their partners they had anti-wrinkle procedures done, while in 2017 that number increased to 63 per cent.

Above: Cityskin Clinic in Armadale, one of the clinics Dr Brown works in, is based inside Calma Spa & Skin Clinic. Photo: Jordyn Grubisic

“More people have it done than they care to admit,” Mr Bennett said.

“The key is finding the right technician to keep [your appearance] natural.”

He said he rarely received negative reviews from male customers about his procedures.

“I get a lot of positive feedback after I tell people what I’ve had done, because it has made such a huge and a naturally enhancing difference,” Mr Bennett said.

“I generally show people before-and-after photos of myself because it’s real. People can see the difference in the shape of my face and then they can relate.

“Vulnerability is very powerful.”

Dr Brown, who has also received facial injections, said he found the procedures empowering.

“It’s quiet empowering, that feeling you get out of feeling good and looking good,” he said.

“Everyone has their own motives and reasons, and we have to appreciate and understand those reasons as well.”

Dr Brown said male cosmetic procedures were becoming more popular because lower prices had created  “a lower barrier of entry.”