Fans of YouTube hero Jeffree Star left disappointed as free event turns sour

Fans gathered at Federation Square to meet YouTube sensation Jeffree Star. Picture: Jessica Magdalena.


YouTube beauty guru Jeffree Star’s first Melbourne meet and greet yesterday has left many fans disappointed.

What was billed as a free meet-and-greet at Federation Square with Mr Star – who has 10 million subscribers –  turned out to be available only to the first 250 in the queue.

The unexpected limit meant hundreds of people missed out  – getting only a brief two minute address to the crowd before a curtain was pulled around him on stage and his private meet-and-greet session began.

Even some of those who camped out overnight  in Federation Square failed to meet their makeup idol.

Many fans, like Paige, were not able to meet Jeffree. Picture: Jessica Magdalena

Paige McConville began queuing for a free meet-and-greet pass at 6am, nine hours before the event was due to begin.

Ms McConville said the event was really disorganised.

“So disappointed with Jeffree’s Melbourne meet and greet,” she said.

“There was no numbering system at all and fans were constantly cutting the line and pushing in. It was just a horrible experience.”

Mr Star runs the makeup line Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and is known for his scathing beauty product review videos on his YouTube channel.

Mr Star’s fans shared their thoughts and concerns online.

There were many disappointed fans.

Many tweeted blaming the organisers, the online clothing brand Princess Polly, for poorly running the event, while others blamed the “free” aspect of the meet and greet for causing some to miss out.

To get their chance, fans Shannon and Coco camped out at Federation Square from midnight the night before.

“It was definitely an unforgettable experience. We’ve camped out at Federation Square for a total of 14 hours now,” Coco said.

Shannon said sleeping on the “cold and hard floor was definitely the biggest challenge”. 

“But it was surely worth it once we met Jeffree.” 

Some fans were still able to meet their idol. picture: Jessica Magdalena,

Fan Katarina Ruiss, who also waited overnight, said although the intentions may have been good, a completely free event was impractical.

“If the event was ticketed, it would have at least kept some order, making everyone have an equal chance of meeting Jeffree,”  Ms Ruiss said.

While the Melbourne meet and greet was free, the Sydney ones were ticketed.

Failed fan meet-ups have been making headlines lately after several disastrous attempts by high-profile YouTubers.

One Twitter user pointed this out, causing more backlash for the Melbourne event.

In Los Angeles, YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Yousef Erakat, known as FouseyTube, have both held their own events in the past six months, Tanacon and Hate Dies, Love Arrives respectively.

These events gained notoriety for being poorly planned, and in the case of Tanacon, massively over capacity, with people waiting outside in the heat without food or water for hours.

Hate Dies, Love Arrives was shut down after a bomb threat, and went viral after FouseyTube went on a long rambling speech while standing on top of an Uber outside the venue.

Both events were heavily criticised for poor planning and safety concerns.

Mojo approached Jefree Star and Princess Polly for comment, but neither responded before publication.