Leaks confirmed as Ubisoft launches Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


After multiple leaks, Ubisoft yesterday announced video game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey would be released on October 25.

Odyssey will be set in Ancient Greece around 435 BC during the Peloponnesian War. The game follows on from Assassin’s Creed Origins. 

For the first time in the series, players will be able to play the whole game as a female character. The studio will offer players the choice of either a male character Alexios or a female character Kassandra. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate first gave players the opportunity to play as a female character, however only in certain sections of the game.

The studio is doubling down on its RPG elements since bringing them in AC Origins. Speaking to Kotaku, creative director Jonathan Dumont said the new game was “pushing [the] franchise into [a] full RPG”.

The game is introducing multiple dialogue options for the first time in the series, allowing players to personalise the game and dictate certain elements of the story. Ubisoft is also offering other RPG elements such as the ability to romance characters and have multiple endings to the game.

Odyssey is also going back to focus a lot more on travel and combat, as it did on Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Rouge. Players will be able to travel from island to island on the Aegean Sea while battling enemy ships, The Verge reported. It’s unclear whether players can customise their ships or not, however, as the game is investing heavily on RPG elements, it’s likely this will be a feature. 

Fans’ reaction to the new game has been positive so far.


This will be the 11th installment of the famous franchise. Odyssey is releasing on Xbox One systems, PS4 systems and PC on October 25 this year.