Living on-campus: What it meant to me

Florian Escobar playing pool with some friends at Richardson Hall. Picture: Ann-Marleen Grengel

who lived on campus this semester

If you haven’t decided where to live next semester, it’s time to start thinking about it.

Monash University provides help for students to find accommodation that suits any students’ preferences.

Exchange student Florian Escobar said finding accommodation on his own in a foreign country would have been stressful if it weren’t for on-campus options.

“Living on campus is much easier and a good way to meet new people. It’s central for student life but it is quite expensive,” he said.

Mr Escobar said living in a student community was a great experience.

“There is always someone around and there is always something to do,“ he said.

Mr Escobar said he would take less time for his studies if he lived off campus.

Monash student Zoe Moorhead started her studies living on campus.

“I chose to live on campus because I liked the idea of living with a community of people that were in the same situation at uni that I was.”

Logan Hall, one of Monash’s on-campus accommodation halls.

Ms Moorhead said living on campus benefited her grades because she was able to study with a group of people.

“If you are all keen to study at the same time it’s encouraging and you feel like you are not missing out on anything.”

After one semester of on-campus living, Ms Moorhead moved back to living off campus.

She said she enjoyed the community, but campus living didn’t match her stage of life and that it would be better suited to people who need more help to find their way.

“It was a very young mentality and almost like being back in high school with all the drama and insignificant things being made a big deal,” she said.

Ms Moorhead said living off campus had taught her more about how to live independently

Off-campus living has always been the only option for Mary Karabatsas who said that she was just too comfortable at home.

“I am such a homebody and enjoy living at home and having my own room, and lots of space,” she said.

Ms Karabatas said living off campus had many perks such as being close to her work and all her favourite cafes and shops.

“I love being able to come home every night to my family or my boyfriend and spending time with them,” Ms Karabatsas said.

She said one disadvantage of living off campus is that she was distracted easily, and would dedicate more time to her studies if she lived on campus.

“If I was to live on campus away from all the distractions at home, I most definitely would be able to achieve higher grades.”

Monash offers a range of on-campus accomodation to up to 3022 students. The options range from the Clayton residential village, the southeast flats and the Clayton Urban Community, with prices ranging from $235 to $297 a week.