Maximum minimal


Grey marl has become an icon for the new minimalist style boom. If you’re not wearing grey, black or white, who are you? Fashion blogs and Instagram have all been flooded with the reign of marble décor and tonal outfitting. Our Streetegists haven’t been able to escape the neutral take over as the minimalist aesthetic seeps through Monash campus.

Rachael, Anne, Kira, Marnie and Connor are all wearing neutral tones and one piece of their outfit is grey marl. They have also come in the comfiest form of clothing, knitwear.

Knitwear is one style we can all agree on. Everybody seems to be wearing it on campus this week. This comfy piece of clothing comes in all shapes and designs with the current most popular being a turtleneck.

Knitted turtlenecks are great because they eliminate the need for a scarf and keep you extra cosy. Add some variation to your knitwear with some texture through it, as  Rachael does. This is a nice way to make your outfit a bit more exciting if you’re only wearing a jumper and jeans.

Crew necks are another favourite style, like those worn by Marnie and Connor. They have grey crew neck knits layered over the top of their outfits. Crew necks wear well if you want to layer over things like a button-up shirt or turtleneck. They allow you to pull the detail of your underneath top out and around your neck.  

Extra cosiness is the added benefit of wearing a knit like Kira is, with her oversized ribbed cardigan over a printed tee and ripped jeans. This looks really comfy and easy to wear which is exactly what us uni students want.

So, keep warm and stay cosy as we welcome week 12 of semester 1.


rachel 1rachel 2

Rachael Freund, 19
WEARING: Grey knit sweater (Mauve), black-and-white stripe shirt (Witchery), black skinny jeans (Topshop), Chelsea boots (Jo Mercer), sunnies (Ray-Ban)

IMG_1027anne 2

Anne Johnston, 20
WEARING: Grey sweater, black skinny jeans (General Pants Co), black boots (Rubi)

kira 1kira 2

Kira Amon, 22
WEARING: Grey knitted cardigan (Forever New), gold printed T-shirt (Seed), knee ripped jeans (Seed), barry sneakers (Wittner)
FASHION INSPIRATION: Pinterest and daily street style

marnie 1marni 2

Marnie Vinall, 21
WEARING: Grey and blue stripe dress (Zara), black jacket (Zara),  black Chelsea boots (ASOS)

connor 1connor 2

Connor Devereux, 19
WEARING: Grey sweater, navy blue t-shirt, black skinny jeans, black running shoe (Reebok)