Monash student robbed near Clayton campus


The robbery victim was injured in the attack.


A Monash University student was attacked and robbed by three men while walking home from Clayton campus this week.

Zhang Yuchen, 21, said he was punched and kicked by three men at the intersection of Princes Highway and Panorama St about Tuesday 9pm.

He said the assault happened without warning.

“They hit my nose, and my glasses were broken immediately,” the Chinese student said.

“The next thing I knew, I was pressed on the ground. The attackers deliberately struck my head.”

Mr Zhang said he was knocked unconscious during the five-minute attack and struggled to call for help. He suffered a blood nose, scratched fingers, and bruised knees and arms.

The three men stole the student’s backpack and cell phone and fled on their bicycles when a motorcycle passed by.

Mr Zhang reported the assault to police, describing the attackers as dark-skinned men aged 16-25.

The final year commerce student said he lost his study materials in the attack. “I have delayed two of my exams,” he said.

Clayton Police said they were investigating the incident.