MSA election results: Together ousts Go!

Michael Fisher heads Together, which has taken control off the MSA. Picture: Matilda Boseley


Together has officially ended Go!’s 12-year control of the MSA.

With a 50 per cent increase in total votes cast compared to last election, Together has been swept into office by the students on Clayton campus.

Vote counting will continue tomorrow, but Together have officially won the positions of president, secretary, treasurer, women’s officer, education and academic affairs officers and environment and social justice officers.

Michael Fisher won the presidential ticket by more than 1000 votes, with 64.9 per cent of the vote, a huge margin for a new group facing an incumbent power.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be elected with the overwhelming support of the campus,” he said.

Together’s policy platform was very similar to Go!’s, looking to address sexual assault on campus, open a headspace clinic on campus and improve student amenities by pushing for better wifi and longer library hours.

However, the group differentiated itself with its focus on club involvement. The group was made as a coalition of clubs and societies, the majority from the Law Students’ Society. Several dozen clubs and groups endorsed Together.

“Our visions for a bigger community, and a new way of doing politics, has clearly resonated with the campus,” he said.

Voter turnout increased substantially this year with almost 4000 votes cast – close to 11 per cent of the campus population, compared  to 7.3 per cent in 2016 and 6.5 per cent in 2015.

Grassroots have also emerged victorious from this election, with one of the new social justice officers and both education public affairs officers being Grassroots members.

The votes for Together pile up. Picture: Supplied

Grassroots representative Rhyss Wyllie said the group was very pleased with the result.

“We’re happy Go! has been tossed out, but now the real work begins to push for Left-wing values and competency in the union,” he said. 

Some of the Together candidates I’ve spoken to have been really passionate and excited about transforming the MSA so we’re sure we made the right decision.”

Next year will be the first time that Grassroots has held major positions in the MSA since 2015, part of an ill-fated alliance with Go!

Go! candidates for queer officers, Harry Kennewell and Denise Atzinger, were elected unopposed.


Michael Fisher (Together): 2264
Shreeya Luthra (Go!) : 1213
Kim Alford (Independent): 139
Informal: 248
Total: 3864

Caitlin Mcivor (Together): 2374
Eleanor Scott (Go!): 1215
Informal: 275
Total: 3864
Grace Rodrigues (Together): 2212 
Sasha Brady (Go!): 1210
Bryadon Thomas-Collins (The Monash Right): 167
Informal: 275
Total: 3864

Women’s officer
Emilia Dalton and Alisha Rao (Together): 1058
Austin Erumanathara and Claudia Stapleton (Go!) : 689
Informal: 18
Total: 1765*
*(Only people who identify as female can vote for women’s officer)

Environment and social justice officers
Jessica Evans and Ayushi Panjwani (Together/Grassroots): 2300
Mitchell Both and Jasmine Duff (Go!/Left Action): 1147
Richmond Graham and Bettina Prescott (Monash Right): 138
Informal: 279
Total: 3864
Education and academic affairs
Lexi Kowal and Astan Ure (Together): 2306
Gellie Cano and Alex Niehof (Go!): 1232
Informal: 266
Total: 3864

Education Public Affairs Officers  
David Power and Jake Humphreys (Together/Grassroots): 2270 
Patrick Callanan and Benjamin Caddaye (Go!): 1240
Informal: 354 
Total: 3864 

Welfare Officers
Oliver Robertson and Megan McNeel (Together): 2377
Eve Ward and Austin Luke Erumanathara (Go!): 1203
Informal: 284
Total: 3864

Votes will continue to be counted over the weekend. Follow Mojo on Twitter to follow the results as they are announced. We’ll update this article once all the results are announced.