Oceans 3D: A visual and musical treat


Film: Oceans 3D: Our Blue Planet
Produced by: BBC Earth and Alucia Productions
Narrator: Kate Winslet
Screening: IMAX Melbourne from April 5
Score: ★★★


The BBC’s newest series Oceans 3D: Our Blue Planet explores the vast unknowns of life below the surface. Narrated by Kate Winslet, the documentary takes viewers on an adventure from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, across oceans and to their bottomless pits.

Sea creatures took centre stage, with the 3D technology bringing to life their vibrant colours and often unseen details.

“There’s nothing scary here” is what the film conveys, and apparently nothing overly exciting either.

The predatorial and preying actions are all near misses with the tension created between the creatures short-lived and disappointing.

The most exciting story showcases an octopus disguising itself with shells before it’s attacked by a shark as frightening as its name: pyjama shark.



The documentary explores the importance of family in dolphin pods and brings to light the often unrecognised intelligence of schools of fish.

As the film dives deeper, it’s most confronting issue of global warming is addressed.

Unable to adjust to melting ice caps, the impact of global warming on the Atlantic walrus is explored. Their future looks uncertain as their homes melt away.

The score, a perfect addition to the feature, was nothing short of spectacular. Hans Zimmer’s skill as a conductor was able to transform the atmosphere from the light and playful tropical waters, to the frantic frenzy of the fish food chain, and the dark and ominous depths of the ocean floor.

The feature is a visual treat more suited to appeal to a younger audience. If you’re looking for something with more action, look elsewhere.