Pilot program sees the Clayton Airport Lounge open 24/7


\The Airport Lounge will be accessible 24/7 from May 28 – June 22. Picture: StudentVIP



The MSA has announced that Monash will be piloting the Airport Lounge on Clayton campus as a 24/7 study space over the SWOTVAC and exam period.

From today (Monday, May 28) to Friday June 22, the Airport Lounge, which is in the centre of Level 1 of the Clayton Campus Centre, will be open to students 24/7.

MSA President Micky Fisher said the survey they released last month, after the university decided to review its decision to have the new Learning and Teaching building (LTB) open 24/7, helped make this possible.

“The survey saw several hundred responses, and students went into great detail with how they would make use of such a space.”

Mr Fisher said that with many students having jobs, they aren’t always able to study during the day or may not be able to study at home.

“Students increasingly are required to work alongside studying, making it difficult to access the study facilities available on campus during ordinary opening hours.

“Many students also do not have appropriate study spaces available at home – home environment and internet access, for example.”

Micky Fisher

Mr Fisher also said that with Monash increasingly moving towards group work as the main form of assessment, students often need to work around each others schedules.

“Group work often requires aligning your schedules with sometimes 3 or more other students. Increasingly, students will need to meet late at night, or at unusual times over the weekends.”

“Existing facilities struggle to cater to that demand, and that demand will only grow.”

Mr Fisher said depending on how many people use the facilities, the Airport lounge may begin to be open 24/7 outside of SWOTVAC and exams.

“Depending on usage figures over the next few weeks, there appears to be a willingness from Monash to further test student demand at other times of semester, especially during those certain weeks with intense assignment requirements, he said.”

After hours once the main ground doors to the campus centre lock, the Airport Lounge will be accessible via the external staircase next to Sir John’s Bar.

A media spokesperson for Monash University said the university had always provided 24/7 study spaces and that there are multiple options already available.

“The 24/7 Study Lab at Campbell Hall is accessible to all students with their swipe card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

“Postgraduate students can also access the 24/7 Postgraduate Study Lab at 27 Sports Walk by requesting access to this space through security.”

The spokesperson said Monash was also extending the opening hours for the LTB and regularly reviewed various data form to assess demand.

“We know the SWOTVAC/Exam period is a busy time for students, and that’s why we’ve extended the opening hours for the LTB and made the Airport Lounge available 24/7 over this period.”

“We regularly review data from swipe card access, wifi and security to assess demand for 24/7 study spaces, and we will continue to monitor these throughout this period.”

The LTB opening hours during the SWOTVAC and exam period will be extended to: Monday – Friday: 6am-2am, Saturday – Sunday: 8am-6pm.

Caption: The Airport Lounge will be accessible 24/7 from May 28 – June 22. Source: StudentVIP