Purgastory: A time-warped anthology of passion and patience

Melbourne Fringe Festival
Venue: Lithuanian Club – Son of Loft, Errol St, North Melbourne
Until: 6.45pm, 7.45pm, tonight and tomorrow. 
Rating: ★★★★


Written and performed by Fringe Fest favourites Roby Favretto and Caitlin Spears, Purgastory is a time-warped anthology of passion and patience as it follows four distinctive duos chasing their dreams and their ability to achieve them.

Incredible acting, costumes and use of props assist the audience in following the journey of English maidens, Aussie tradies, a singer, a music executive, a desperate senior and an android in the future, as they chase their seemingly unattainable dreams.

A tradie who dreams of being a film writer is shut down by a colleague saying he’ll never make it. A young girl’s dreams of being a singer are derailed by a music executive who sexually assaults her.

This play is emotional and covers topics such as homophobia, self-worth and sexual abuse. Despite the content being so heart-wrenching at times you’ll have to hold back tears, some scenes are still so hilarious you may struggle to breathe.

The intimacy of the Son of Loft room at the Lithuanian club is the perfect setting and if the proximity to the stage wasn’t enough, the actors used up every free inch of the room by using the audience walkway to deliver dialogue and change their costumes.   

The actor’s commitment to their roles was exceptional, the sound and lighting effects were excellent and all the stories within the play were alluring.

The production was fast-paced and kept the audience on their toes, yet the hour duration also allowed the audience to really get to know each character without any unnecessary scenes to fill in time.

Purgastory takes you on an extremely funny, emotional and heart-warming journey of passion and patience in making dreams a reality.