Streetegists stay comfy without ditching style

Outfit dedication seems to slowly diminish as comfort takes over to get us through the long haul towards the end of first semester.

There is nothing worse than trying to break in a new pair of jeans while listening to tactics on how to achieve a good grade for an essay due soon. Clothing heroes and favourites are welcome as we approach exam block territory.

We all have an effortless pair of slacks like Frank’s or a faithful knitted cardi like Yunyi’s that will always get us through a long day at uni.

You will either find yourself bingeing in the library between tutes, or finding a comfortable spot on the grass to have lunch, all of which the movement and fit of your outfit needs to co-operate with.

We’ve all made the mistake of wearing something new to uni but not being completely comfortable in it just yet. The end of semester is not the time for this. Maximum coziness is needed in dependable outfit choices.

This is where your vintage clothing is your best friend. We all have them, whether it be a friendly bargain found in a thrift shop or a relaxed overshirt that used to belong to your dad, like Daniel’s.

All comfort is grown from a prime piece of clothing you appreciate. The best thing about thrift clothes is that they are often oversized, which makes you feel content and snug in the best of ways. Like Luna’s cream windbreaker, oversized with a great, relaxed fit.

Your key accessory to finalising a comfy look is your specs. Specs have become the ultimate cool necessity, and we should all be happy to live in the world of “four-eyed chic”.

Nothing is sweeter than popping your specs on and going out the door, not having to deal with sticky contacts. Big funky shapes like Yunyi’s and Daniel’s are a cool kid’s essential accessory.

Beanies and hats are also great accessories for the cooler days at uni. Knitted, slouchy, or pompoms, take your pick by looking at Frank’s, Yunyi’s and Daniel’s for some inspiration.

Reminder for all you fashionistas, pleasant comfort is all you need when heading towards the end of semester. Take the easier options but always match it up with an accessory or two to achieve c’est comfy chic.



Minghe Ouyang 1Minghe Ouyang 2

Minghe Ouyang, 21
WEARING: Shirt (Cos), blue jeans, tennis shoes (Nike), brown tote
FASHION INSPIRATION: Celebrity fashion and pictures on Instagram


Frank Chao 1Frank Chao 2

Frank Chao, 21
WEARING: Blue and brown strip pegged pants, bright blue pocket T-shirt, black cap (Y-3), navy blue Reissue 990 (New Balance)
FASHION INSPIRATION: London, Korea, Japan’s street style


Yunyi Xie 1

Yunyi Xie 2

Yunyi Xie, 18
WEARING: Grey knitted cardigan (H&M), black ankle boots (Asos), jeans (Factorie), crossbody bag (Burberry), black beanie (American Apparel)


Daniel Stiglec 1Daniel Stiglec 2

Daniel Stiglec, 21
WEARING: Black Chelsea boots (Redback), black jeans (Levis), black T-shirt (Target), brown button-down shirt (vintage from dad), black beanie (Roger David)
FASHION INSPIRATION: Comfort and slack chic

Luna Al 1Luna Al 2

Luna Al, 19
WEARING: Olive green dress, black Chelsea boots, cream windbreaker, black beret