When cool neutrals make you a triple threat

It’s all about the layering effect as this week’s Streetegists pull off their neutrals with some flair. When it comes to wearing neutral tones, you have to do something extra that takes your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. We love layering when it’s cool but what if we did it to make more of a statement to our outfits?

Ever heard of two’s company, three’s a crowd? Well fortunately for the fashion world this isn’t the case. If you put on your outfit and it’s just a T-shirt and jeans, ask yourself what could be the third piece to bring this outfit to full circle.

You can see that Streetegists Emma, Marcus, Justin and Jake’s outfits are all made up of three items. If you removed one of their pieces, they would look incomplete. If it isn’t cool enough for a jacket, opt for an accessory like a hat or scarf. Marcus’ outfit is killer with his oversized scarf. A trusty bomber jacket is also a great addition to complete your rule-of-thirds look. As we all know, black is best and works with everything, like Jake’s successfully cool outfit, but for a change try nav, like Justin’s tonal look. Loving the button-up underneath Justin’s bomber too, this adds some class on campus in all the right ways.

It is generally a given to wear your jackets open, but what a difference it can make to an outfit just by zipping it up! See how Evelyn is wearing her faithful leather jacket zipped? It can change the whole look of your outfit and show details of the jacket which may not have been seen if it was open. Opt for wearing something light underneath if you are going for this look so you stay undercooked rather than over!

If you always seem stuck in your neutrals and wonder why your outfit just doesn’t feel like it is going the distance, try the rule-of-thirds game and see what you can use to layer and add. An extra long singlet underneath a button-up, or something as simple as a belt or necktie, can make a stylish difference.

Photography by HYUNJI PARK

Emma Berton 1Emma Berton 2

Emma Berton, 20
WEARING: Gray sweater (Country Road), black jeans (Topshop), Chelsea boots

Jake Wilson 1Jake Wilson 2

Jake Wilson, 20
WEARING: Khaki bomber jacket, white T-shirt, black jeans, black shoes (Reebok)

Evelyn Boldt 1Evelyn Boldt 2

Evelyn Boldt, 20
WEARING: Black and white stripe dress (Bardot), leather jacket (Italy), leather sandals (Saltwater), sunglasses (Bill Bass)
FASHION INSPIRATION: American casual and leather

Justin Zhang 1Justin Zhang 2

Justin Zhang, 20
WEARING: Blue button-down shirt (8 Seconds), blue bomber jacket (Topman), black shoes (Asics), cross-body bag (adidas)
FASHION INSPIRATION: Wear what you like

Marcus Moltzer 1Marcus Moltzer 2

Marcus Moltzer, 18
WEARING: Black jeans (Myer), boots (Palladium), grey shirt (Style), backpack, blue mirror sunglass (H&M)
FASHION INSPIRATION: Comfort, or what just appeals to him that day