When small is important: the role of niche media

It’s the little things that matter. In this episode, Generation J explores niche media. We look at the impact of media when it doesn’t target a mainstream audience and instead looks at the things that are most important to fewer people. And then to a story of how tabletop role-playing games games can be used to tell impactful and important stories. 


Eleanor Jackson
is the editor-in-chief of Peril, an online magazine dedicated to covering Asian-Australian arts and culture, founded in 2006. Eleanor is also a poet, performer, arts producer and radio broadcaster. @eleanorjjackson
Jarrah James is the former president of Monash Uni Role Players and has over a decade of experience with tabletop RPGs.

Charles Taylor is a third-year Journalism student at Monash University and the associate producer of Generation J.
William Arnott is in his second-year studying journalism at Monash University. He enjoys a wide variety of geeky things, from video games and tabletop RPGs to power metal, and hopes to one day earn a living from them.

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