Winter wonderland: New York journalism tour inspires Masters students


CNN Social – doing very well and employing a large number of staff.


Monash University’s 2017 New York Field School has been an eye-opening opportunity for journalism, media and communications Masters students to discover what an exciting time it is to be a journalist.

The touring students had the chance to learn about an industry that is constantly rising to the challenge of remaining relevant – and necessary – in this digital age.

The students explored the impact digital technology has had on the industry and how it has navigated through these rapidly changing times.

The New York City tour included legacy organisations such as The Wall Street Journal, the New York Daily News, the New York Post,  and The New York Times; broadcast  operations CBS, BBC and CNN; emerging digital platforms such as BuzzFeed, Bloomberg and Quartz; and lastly, like-minded and forward-thinking educational institutions, City University of New York (CUNY) and Columbia University.

What really resonated was the positive outlook on the opportunities available in the industry at this time.

The main news hub at The Wall Street Journal.

This contradicted the often “doom-and-gloom” images painted by those of the legacy era.

The students emerged impressed by the ways these organisations were adapting to the digital climate.

We particularly recognised this at legacy organisations, where a traditional focus on print was being remodelling to meet their modern audience’s needs.

For some organisations, adapting to digital was the first priority and it seemed to come naturally. For others, it was a “digital beast” that they were still trying to understand.

It has been an inspiring trip.

While we came with high expectations, it left us even more motivated and optimistic about the future of journalism.

This article was written by Masters student Emma Doherty after discussing the tour with her fellow students of the New York Field School. Pictures were taken by a number of students and staff. 

Time to grab some atmosphere: Students Sophie Welsh (from left), Grace Kalac and Sophie Griffiths enjoy an NFL game, watching the New York Jets play Kansas City.
At The New York Times: Deputy editorial director of NYT Global Dan Wakin spoke about the importance of engaging with readers by taking a meaningful, clear approach.
Quirky pioneer financial news site Quartz offered some fascinating perspectives.
AP’s broadcast specialist, based in New York.
Monash students enjoy a quiet moment with Colleen Murrell.
Journalism students Joy Joshi and Emma Doherty exemplify the professional approach students took to touring some of the most important news organisations in the world.
Students enjoyed an excellent presentation from CUNY’s journalism lecturers Jeff Jarvis and Jeremy Caplan.
Monash journalism students Grace Kalac and Sophie Welsh enjoy a visit to the New York Times in the heart of midtown, New York.
The festive entrance of the CNN building at Columbus Circle in New York.
Monash journalism and communications Masters students enjoyed relaxed chats with the legends that present and produce the news.
BBC’s New York correspondent Nick Bryant on a newsroom tour of the BBC and AP offices near the World Trade Center.
Snowfall in Central Park on the edge of Upper West Side – the last day of the tour.