Your guide to late night coffee


Whether it’s a romantic date or late-night university study session, finding coffee late at night can be difficult. Mojo News went looking for the best after-dark coffee places in Melbourne for night owls. 

Brunetti Cafe,
380 Lygon St, Carlton

A truly authentic Roman pasticceria is one of Melburnian’s favourites. Located in the heart of the Italian district of Carlton, Brunetti has become an iconic place to indulge in the Italian way of life. Serving Italian style coffee along with pastries, gelato and savoury dishes like pizza and pasta, it has become a staple of the Melbourne coffee scene.

Brunetti Cafe specialises in two distinct coffee blends: Nero and Bianco. Nero is characterised by a spicy scent of aromatic pepper with cumin and clove undertones, while Bianco boasts a succulent and smooth butterscotch flavour.

With the family warmth of a Nonna’s kitchen, Brunetti’s has a wide variety of food and drinks. Who needs a holiday in Rome when you can just head down to Lygon Street?

Sunday-Thursday 6am-11pm, Friday-Saturday 6am-midnight

571 Chapel St, South Yarra

Chapelli’s is a 24-hour quasi bar/restaurant in South Yarra. After you’ve just devoured a big dinner at any one of the Chapel St restaurants, consider this the perfect place to go with a group.

Not only are the coffees very good, the décor and atmosphere on the bustling street will make you want your night to never end.

Open 24 hours


Café L’Incontro,
Corner Swanston and Little Collins streets, Melbourne

Open 24 hours, Café L’Incontro is in the heart of Melbourne, next to the Town Hall. The café offers a broad and spacious view of Swanson St, allowing you to soak in the vibrancy of the city after dark.

The diverse and rich menu offers burgers, sandwiches, pasta, all-day breakfast and cakes. Apart from the norms, Café L’Incontro provides other choices of coffee such as green tea latte, aiming to satisfy those who are more adventurous.  

With both indoor and terraced outdoor seating, Café L’Incontro’s trading hours and city location make it all worthwhile on a fine night in the heart of Melbourne’s city.  

Open 24 hours 

Pancake Parlour
Highpoint shopping centre (outside cinema entrance); 550 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster; 682-690 Warrigal Rd, Malvern East

Pancake Parlour is a well-known chain restaurant in Melbourne, with their Highpoint, Doncaster and Malvern East locations all open 24 hours. It is a family-friendly place where the adults can gather and enjoy a cup of late night coffee while their kids can enjoy the wide-variety snack menu – if it’s not too late past their bedtime.

Wash down your Alice in Wonderland pancake stack with coffee made from freshly roasted 100 per cent Arabica beans as the nights start to get chilly and you can justify the extra calories.


Open 24 hours