Zombies, politics, pubs and fashion – MojoTV goes to the heart of student life

The week’s MONSU elections leads MojoTV’s new episode, with students having their say about what needs to be better. Luke Dundon goes to the arty, hipster heart of Caulfield campus and checks out the most stylish fashion offerings on show. Mathew Andreazza continues his series on Melbourne’s best music pubs, this time taking in the Tote.  Matilda Boseley joins the Zombie Apocalypse run. And more: Sally Hayles’ terrific report from Cambodia’s Mekong River; and Ashleigh Paholek helps raise much-needed funds for the RCD foundation. 


MojoTV – presenters, reporters and crew

Luke Dundon 
Ashleigh Paholek 

Matilda Boseley
Ashleigh Paholek
Luke Dundon
Will Zwar
Mathew Andreazza
Sally Hayles

Bilal Syed – Camera
Caroline Tung –  Rundown 
Matt Hooy – Autocue
Matt Balmer – Sound
Johanna Meka – Vision
Tess Ikonomou – Director
Will Zwar – Editor